Annita Mellen - Energy Artist

Annita Mellen’s journey towards becoming one of the most serene dimensional artists in Australia has been shaped by many influential chapters.

Living by the vast and dazzling Indian Ocean, she walks through life accompanied by the constant reminder of how everything we see around us is continuously moving, in one way or another. The understanding of these ancient traditions and the concept of flow can be outlined within her work. It is a receipt of how she is one of few dimensional artists who has truly found a unique identity.

Annita is a great believer in the human’s symbiotic relationship with change, allowing her paintings to add additional levels of depth. She reminds us that nothing in this world should be taken for granted and that life is a mere reflection of what we see in ourselves.

Through sharp blades and patchy layers, her cool but warm palette assembles the different pieces of her unique portrait puzzle. Her technique allows for further utilisation of natural shades, precise tones, and colourful flow, combining them into a peaceful harmony of accurately timed notes.

By indulging her dimensional art in the frequency and ‘key of F’, which in art translates to the frequency of ‘Love’, Annita provides her audience with yet another level of integrity and warmth.